LeafGuard vs. Gutter Screens

Is LeafGuard® really that much better than other gutter systems? Is it really worth the money? If you’re having trouble making a decision about investing in LeafGuard®, you should continue reading.

LeafGuard® was designed with a debris-shedding hood and a large gutter bottom, making it a one-piece, seamless gutter. This eliminates gutter problems and color matching. The design adds curb appeal and looks great on any home.

The structure is attached to the fascia board of your home, preventing leaks and roof damage. This can also prevent your roofing warranty from being voided. LeafGuard® is hung with plastic hangers that do not block water flow, instead of nails. Other gutter systems are usually attached to your roof, potentially causing damage and voiding your roof warranty.

LeafGuard® blends in with the contours of your roof, rather than standing out like other gutter systems.

LeafGuard® has been thoroughly tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute (link: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/institute/) and earned the Good Housekeeping Seal for ten consecutive years. That means the LeafGuard® product was found to live up to its quality name.

It also comes with a ScratchGuard paint finish that won’t chip, crack or peel, and includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Gutter screens aren’t very durable and won’t keep you from having to clean out your gutters. You have to install them yourself and they could blow off your gutters during high winds.

There is still space in the gutter screens where smaller debris can get into your gutters.

That’s why with LeafGuard®, you can “get it and forget it!”