Signs You Need New Gutters

Becoming a homeowner is a major investment for a lot of people… and with this investment comes a huge responsibility. None of us want to hear that it’s time to repair or replace anything in our homes, but proper maintenance is a must! Now, one thing that should be a top priority is making sure your gutters. A lot of people take for granted the importance of their gutter systems. But if you forsake them, not only could your yard be filled with mud puddles, but home’s foundation may be in danger. Check out the great tips below for signs if you need new gutters! Fixing the problem now will save you a lot of money later!

Peeling Paint

When paint gets old….it peels. No big deal, right? Wrong. Peeling paint on your gutter system can be a sign that something more serious is going on.  If you have galvanized steel gutters, they are coated to protect them from water and moisture that may cause them to rust. If the paint is peeling your gutters aren’t being protected, and moisture damage might have already occurred.

Rust Spots

Not all gutters rust, but some do. If you begin to notice an orange coloring on your gutters or around the area where it joins the house it’s time to replace your gutters! If your gutters are rusting it won’t be long before they stop functioning.

Cracks and Splits

A small crack here, or a split there, might seem insignificant but one can turn into 100 and then your gutters will come tumbling down. Small cracks can grow over time into large cracks. Especially if you live in a climate that’s known for a lot of snow and ice. Ice expands and can cause cracks to grow even larger. These problems should be dealt with right away.

Sagging Gutters

If your gutters have begun to sag or even to pull away from your home, this is a good indication your gutters are clogged, and not working properly. They may be filled with leaves and other debris… and the weight is causing them to droop or even pull away from your home. This could cause damage to your home’s roofline, fascia board, and trim.

Rotted Wood

If you find that the wood around your exterior trim, window sills, or door jamb is rotting. This could be a sign your gutters aren’t functioning properly. Water that drips over a period of time from leaking gutters, is probably the culprit. This could also lead to damage inside your home!

If any of these signs match what you see with your own gutters, it’s time to replace them! Luckily, we specialize in gutters here at LeafGuard®. Just give us a call today at 864-412-2636 and we can repair those old, saggy, rusty gutters today!