Stay Clog-Free with Our Gutter System

Seamless, One-Piece Design & Low-Profile Beauty

Looking for a gutter system you can depend on? Well look no further with LeafGuard of South Carolina. We’re going to put a great product on your home. Not just any gutter, a LeafGuard Gutter. When you install the LeafGuard system on your home you gain peace of mind knowing that you have eliminated gutter cleaning forever with the gutter that’s guaranteed to never clog. LeafGuard’s seamless design redirects water away from your home, preventing damage to your foundation, landscape, and roof. With LeafGuard the water flows in while leaves and other debris don’t.

Features & Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters:

Clog-Free Guarantee: LeafGuard is guaranteed to never clog with leaves, pine needles, or other debris for as long as you own your home, or we’ll clean or fix it for free! Only the LeafGuard Gutter System can make this claim. Because of the its seamless design, the curved opening between the hood and gutter itself only allows the water to flow in while other debris just roll off. LeafGuard remains the only seamless, one-piece gutter system that’s guaranteed to never clog.

Facias Wrap: When traditional gutters clog, they spill over the front and back, causing the facias of your roof to rot. But here at LeafGuard of South Carolina we install our Facias Wrap before we assemble the gutter system, giving your home an extra layer of protection against rain and moisture. The facias wrap also provides a more secure surface to attach the LeafGuard System onto your home.

Drain Guard: Another benefit that separates LeafGuard from traditional gutter systems is the Drain Guard. The Drain Guard attaches to the downspout of your LeafGuard gutter system and is used to catch any debris that flows through. This provides a method to check your rain gutters to make sure they are working properly, and debris is staying out of the LeafGuard system. If you find any debris in the Drain Guard just give us a call and we’ll come out and inspect your LeafGuard System for free.

Big Mouth Adapter: What makes LeafGuard different that other gutter systems? One thing is The Big Mouth Adapter. The LeafGuard gutter system collects the water, while the downspouts redirect the water away from your foundation, landscaping, entrances, and driveways. The Big Mouth Adapter creates a larger opening in the bottom of the gutter which allows water to effectively drain out of the gutters at a higher rate. Another benefit of The Big Mouth Adapter is that if seeds, twigs, leaves, and other debris do find their way into the gutter, The Big Mouth can flush them out with ease.

High-Quality Gutters & Friendly Service

Here at LeafGuard of South Carolina we been helping homeowners just like you enjoy a safer home by providing an outstanding rainwater management system. Not only does LeafGuard provide maintenance freedom from gutter cleaning, it also ensures that your home stays protected from water damage to the foundation, fascia, and landscape. Get the product you can trust from the company you can depend on with one call to LeafGuard of South Carolina. Contact us today for more information on the LeafGuard system and see how we can help you stay off the ladder for good. Stop cleaning your gutters and get your free in-home estimate scheduled today!